Medium : Mixed Media Collage 
Scale : 26x30
I decided to create a multimedia collage on a cardboard box. At first I panicked about the simplicity of guidelines and restrictions but I think this allowed me to find an unfamiliar medium which effectively conveys my reflection about myself and my experience here in Baltimore. I was always ambivalent about my general presence as an art student. I was told an advice that if I made a decision, I should not look back and think about what would have happened if I chose differently, but I could not stop myself. I was scattered everywhere mentally and that is why I think a collage would be suitable for visually representing my state of mind. I have been pushing myself to try to fit in as soon as I possibly can without permission from myself, and I have been setting up some expectations which clashed loudly with reality. Baltimore, this environment, is so different from what I am used to, so I frankly do not know how to behave. I am from Korea, but I am also from an area where there were only two Korean kids in a K-12 school so now I do not know how to fluidly interact with both Korean and non-Korean people. Now my values, my mixed values from both Korea and Boulder, and traditional Korean values about race, gender, social issues, and all other things are clashing together. However, people try to learn and stay open for new things, and this particular diversity in Baltimore allows me to have hope about equality I did not have the chance to experience. I am still trying to learn what Baltimore is like, and because I am from somewhere where I am not familiar, I am full of questions, but I am at that state where I am too confused to ask. It’s been only 3 weeks and I don’t know much about everything, but I am willing to learn. 
- Project proposal 
On a package box, I did a collage from transcribed diary entries that I have written since I came to Baltimore to attend MICA, memes, and tin foil. Since I came to MICA I felt that I was being fake and gilded for most times from being in a new environment and trying to fit in so I thought tin foil was a good material to deliver that message.


Medium : Fabric Collage with Acrylic Paint
Scale : 18x30
I wanted to explore the portrayal of the anxiety of moving on and perspective. The top part of the hourglass represents the remaining sand, new times and adventures waiting for me, represented by fabric, which is a fairly new material I laid my hands on. The bottom part of the hourglass represents the past, with a figure stuck in the past, represented by acrylic paint which I am familiar with using. At this point I was questioning hearing things like "better things will happen in college" and wanted to represent the ambiguity and the mysteriousness the future holds. I stuck the figure down, the figure wanting to move on but can't due to self doubt and holding on to the past too much.


Medium : Makeup on Old Poem Book Pages
Scale : 7x10 each
During the second semester of freshman year, I started getting involved in a writing club and found myself getting more engaged with writing. I was wondering how I could incorporate writing into an art piece, and this was my solution. I selectively covered up the texts I didn't want with makeup, and with the given texts I was able to create a poem.
Some pages in detail. 4th photo is the original page without anything for comparison.


Medium : Vector Illustration
Scale : 1388x900 pixels for each
Rotating groups in our class were responsible for coming up with responses for each panels for Forum, and our group responded for the neutrality panel. I took a different direction for the "definition of neutrality" panel and incorporated the idea of "being neutral" for current events. Few days before I started working on this project, the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting happened. The images above from top to bottom represents the gun violence incidents from the past years, the actual guns used by the shooters represented on the left and the numbers of victims represented on the right. From top to bottom of the first image, the events represented are Orlando Nightclub(FL), Columbine(CO), Parkland(FL), Sandy Hook(CT), and Virginia Tech(VA). On the left of the scale, the right to bear arms is represented, and on the right of the scale, the right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness is represented.


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